Sunday, January 24, 2010

12/24/2009 - Merry Christmas - Pictures from Hamebekenyane

Spending Christmas at the Peace Corps training compound in Maseru - thought you'd like to see a few pictures from my training assignment in Hamebekenyane.
This is my Friend Mary, another Peace Corps trainee in my group, standing on a hill - the thaba...(mountain) behind me and Mary, is Thaba Bosui (Mountain of the Night), the mountain depicted on the Lesotho flag and shaped like my traditional Lesotho hat. Thaba-Bosiu is Lesotho's great national monument.

This is a picture of the house I called home while posted in Hamebekenyane:

And here is a picture of M'e and Nthethe, my family in Hamebekenyane:

Merry Christmas,
Love Rusty

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