Sunday, January 24, 2010

12/14/2009 - Internet by candlelight I am writing by candle light again!! I'm kinda getting used to this....I finally got my wireless email!! I'm sitting in my hut, doing this by candle light!!! My battery only will last for two hours so excuse any fast typing mistakes, please. I haven't read your most recent emails because I want to get this out to you first...I have received my final assignment for January. I'll be working for a small government primary school in the district of Leribe, (A district is like our states) called Tabolo, northeast of Maseru.

I's a small, very poor town. It's extremely hot here because its mid-summer...but it's dry because Maseru is high in the mountains. I'll actually get snow when winter comes!

I'll be a resource teacher for three small government schools in the area of Tabola...that is I'll be helping to train Basotho teachers, most of whom haven't even graduated from high school. Lesotho is a very Catholic country; in fact, there are way more Catholic schools than there are government schools so I really lucked out with my assignment!!

I'll live in a small rondeval with a thatched roof, no electricity or running water!!! I'm thrilled with my new adventure and can't wait to meet all the new kids. School's out for summer break and doesn't start again until January.
...I love and miss my family so much...I do have a wonderful Basotho family here...the chief, his wife, two daughters, two sons and three grandchildren, 2 pigs, many cows, two horses, 3 puppies, 2dogs, many chickens and a mama donkey and her baby in the next field...

Harriet, thanks for the mail; I love hearing about what's going on in Steamboat.

I don't want to push my luck much further, so I'm gong to send this and try to read all your emails before the power runs down.

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