Sunday, January 24, 2010

12/12/2009 - Technology Meltdown

...I am so frustrated with computers!!!!  Anyway, I found out today that my official asssignment will be in a small town in the Leribe district (state)...Tabola...a small govt. primary school 227 children...

Okay...the email just ran out again and I burst out of the kids, [other trainees in my volunteer group] just paid for 15 more minutes for me to send the other email and tell you that I won't send any more emails until I can set up my own computer. I will be living in a water.  Must send this.

This is the third time I'm trying to contact all of you and I'm about ready to give up...I just lost an entire email about my new I'm just going to call Audry and tell her.  I miss all of you like crazy...but know that this is where I am supposed to be on this incredible life journey.  I guess I'll have to write it all by hand and save it for two years.  Please write...Love, Rusty

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