Sunday, January 24, 2010

11/22/2009 - I'm alive and in Lesotho

Hi all my loved ones...yes, I am alive and happy in Lesotho.  We have not had access to internet or cell phone service until today.  Next Wednesday (if we're lucky) we will be able to buy cell phones.  This weekend I am at an off-base training sight in Butha-Buthe (up north) and have "snuck in to an internet cafe.  I miss you all so much!!!  Happy Birthday, Golfo!!!  I'm wishing it now because I don't know when I'll be able to communicate again.  Must let somone else have a chance  The bus ride here was just as you've seen it in movies...VERY crowded, loud, long (4 hrs.) and fun.  No mail from home yet; please write

If you want to see where I am, paste these gps coordinates into google maps or whatever program you use and then zoom in: -28° 47' 38.85", +28° 31' 00.77"

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