Sunday, January 24, 2010

1/17/2009 - First Day of School

Okay!!! I am at school and able to get email!!! This is just a quick note...typical first day of's as though the universe knows it's back to school time...rainy, overcast...threatening the end of summer, but still hot and sticky. We had our morning assembly (outside in the rain)...sang the Lesotho national anthem and recited the Lord's Prayer...yup, they're very Christian...even the gov't. schools pray. The children in primary school go free, but they must purchase school uniforms and shave their heads. Remind me later to tell you a cute story about hair. I can't wait to see what lunch is like; that's also given to the students free. There's no electricity in any of the primary schools, so the children are sitting in these gray, dark rooms trying to read from the chalkboards. None of them appeared to have glasses during the morning assembly. I want to go visit each class now. Love and miss you all, Rusty

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