Tuesday, March 13, 2012

sequel to a typical day...another typical day.

Friday was something else!  I was to be at the bus stop (Halepholisa stop) by 7, so I left my mokhoro at 6:30 am and enjoyed the nice cool morning walk.  When I got to the stop, of course I was the only adult there.  At about 7:30 the first teacher arrived; the others came in spurts after that.
The bus finally showed up at a bit after 8...only, it was so small that it could take only half of the approximately 150 students.  So we CRAMMED the first batch into the bus, making sure our runners were on the first load.  Then 'M'e Matsobotsi and I waited with the other half; we waited and waited and then waited...in the blistering sun... (do you remember how open the tarred road is?)...until 5 minutes past 11!!! Thankfully, I did have a hat and umbrella to protect me from the sun.  

We got to Fobane by a bit before 1 o'clock, just in time to help feed the kids some lunch; we packed up and headed home before 2:30 and were back in Tabola by a little bit after 4.

Luckily, I still had enough time to run over to Mopeli to see how they and Renekeng had done at the government competition.  Mopeli didn't win anything, but they were wonderful hosts.  Renekeng took 2nd. place and will compete at the district run...then, maybe even the national run. In the confusion of hosting, Mopeli  forgot to set out the things to sell.  Aah, my beloved Basotho friends!!!  But it's okay; there'll be other selling occasions.

'M'e Mukunutlu walked home with me because she wanted to buy one of the Monyane's hens...she's the teacher whose class is making all the jewelry. She's promised me some fresh eggs.!

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