Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Missing Entry from March 3, 2012

We spent Friday cleaning up and preparing the grounds for the big Meshoeshoe Day sports events (next Friday, March 9).

There will be government schools from all over Leribe here that day, and it's where we're gonna launch our first sales for the project! Although the grounds are slanted, they should be good enough for the big run.

The man with the cows is Ntate Mafarika; he brought them and his plow to try to make the ground more level for running...hah! I sent you the pictures of the cows on the school grounds because, believe it or not, they were brought in as lawn mowers!!!

The picture of the kids jumping rope is great because they saved all the old plastic bags they picked up as trash and made themselves a jump-rope for break time!!

Here are some more pictures of the electricians installing the wiring!!

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