Friday, March 9, 2012

March 7, 2012 A Typical Day at Lepholisa

The first thing I did when I got to school this morning was go over to inspect the progress that had been made on the roof for the new classrooms…slow but steady goes the work.

Then I sat for a moment to catch my breath (it’s about a 45 minute walk to school). Actually, the walk to school is much more pleasant than the walk home; it takes about ten more minutes to get home because it’s slightly uphill all the way and I am usually walking it in the heat of the day!
Once sufficiently rested, I ambled down to the 2, 3 and 5 classrooms. They are about another five-minute walk away from the main building. I thoroughly enjoyed helping with a class 3-addition lesson and a class 2-subtraction lesson!

Then I headed back to the main building, where I sat in a room filled with approximately sixty kids (classes 6 and 7). We were all quietly reading when there suddenly erupted a loud, chaotic bunch of screams and everyone started scrambling out of the room. A snake had visited us! (Poor thing; he was immediately taken care of by the class 7 boys.)

Once the children had returned to the room and settled down, I went outside to visit with our principal, “M’e Masello, who was giving class 4 a lesson in Sesotho. They were working outside because they share a room with class 1, and it was just too noisy for them.

I went back inside to watch the young ones having a Sesotho lesson also!

It was a good lesson for me…yup, I’m just about at grade one level in Sesotho writing!!
After lunch we all met on the field to practice for Friday’s running competition at Fobone.
My walk home was HOT and tiring; I collapsed on my bed and just stayed motionless until my body cooled down. I am so lucky to live in a mokhoro. It’s much cooler inside during the summer days and quite warm inside at night when the temperature outside drops!
It was a good day!

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