Thursday, March 1, 2012

February 29, 2012

Yesterday when I arrived at Lepholisa, I was happily surprised with the vision of students carrying long planks of wood from the village to the school.  Work has finally begun on the roof for the two new classrooms!! Once the roofs are up, all that’s left is the floor and panes of glass for some of the windows. Yea!!!
​Today at Mopeli I saw the beginning of the installation of the wires for electricity!  

I cannot begin to tell you how good it feels to see pipe dreams become reality.  If luck is with us, and Basotho timing with us too, there’ll be electricity at Mopeli before the dark days of winter set in, and two extra classrooms at Lepholisa so that the children do not have to be taught out in the cold!
​Sometimes I feel as though there are just too many blessings to count.  Mopeli held a fund-raiser for the electricity project today.  It was called “Funny Day”.  Children were allowed to dress up in crazy outfits for school.  It cost them fifty licente (that’s about 7 cents) to come to school in a crazy outfit.  Those who wore uniforms to school were charged M1 to enter (that’s about 14 cents).  Needless to say, teaching was a bit chaotic today…even the teachers dressed up.  

Other fundraising efforts for the Road to Mopeli Project include handmade jewelry and brooms for sale. Below are pictures of some of the jewelry the children and teachers have been creating.

Also below are images of women collecting grass to fashion into brooms. The community will try to sell both the jewelry and the brooms to raise funds for the community portion of the costs of Phase One of the project; getting electricity to Mopeli and for Phase Two; the road itself.

More to follow…

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