Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August 31, 2010

You know those times in life when you could just kick yourself for not having a camera? Well yesterday was one for me. I opened the door to the pit latrine at one of my schools and I was greeted by three frightened, VERY young lambs! When they saw me, they huddled closely together as though I were some sort of evil monster. When I tried to approach them, the three of them scrambled up to the seat of the latrine so fast that I was afraid one would fall in. I backed off and calmly tried to coax them outside...no dice!!! So, I walked slowly toward them, just to get them to jump down from the pit, which they did. The poor things were so afraid of me that they couldn't even utter a whisper of a baaa. Finally, I realized I'd have to pick them up. So I did, one by one, and placed them outside the toilet. As I put each one down, it squeeled a fervent baaa for mama. What an experience! These little guys where so new that they were still white!! I guess those are some pictures that will be in my heart only.
Last week there was a cultural day in Peka. My three schools participated in dancing, singing, debate and poetry competitions! Mopeli took first place in the poetry section because of a poem a fifth grader wrote on A.I.D.s. She'll participate, now in the district (state) competition! Yea! We're slowly making progress toward the connection of electricity to one of my schools; things go slowly here, and I've learned to take baby steps and be happy with anything that happens even in "Basotho time". I'll try to get some pictures of the cultural day events posted as soon as I get back to my home in Tabola. The air is filled with spring...birds chirping, peach and apricot trees blooming, children shedding layers and smiling more! Life is good in Lesotho; I hope it's good for you wherever you are! Rusty

Here are the pictures:

10. should be a picture of a rooster which wandered onto school property

5. girls dancing...note the bells under the skirts...made from bottle caps

12. a group portrait of the Lapholisa boys and girls before they performed

14. boys dancing

20. girls singing

27. the pattern on my seshoeshoe

4. teachers sitting and waiting for the competitions to begin

6. younger girls dancing

13. boys dancing

16. fifth grade poetry winner performing her original poem about AIDs

25. boys singing

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