Monday, June 7, 2010

May 5, 2010

Here's a picture that Kaye took when we went to dinner in Clarens.

To my left is Becky, a former volunteer now living in Maseru and working for a non-profit org. named Letsema; she's working on the African Library Project. Sitting on the other side is Eliabeth from Great Britain. She's about my age...a bit younger, actually; she and her husband, David, (sitting on the end) are working at a Church School near TY. They're a lovely couple; I'm so glad to have met them...especially since Kaye is leaving in a few weeks. David is a retired C.O., now a computer wiz. As soon as I can get into TY, he'll try to fix my internet problem. The CA looking blond is Kaye...a great volunteer from Sacramento. She's the one who will go to Jamaica when she leaves Lesotho in June. That meal gave me my first taste of hard apple cider...yum!!! Love, soon as my computer is fixed, I'll send my own pictures from Clarens, S.A.

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