Monday, June 7, 2010

May 23, 2010

It's so nice to have the internet again. I was feeling really isolated for a while...thank goodness for my children's weekly phone calls!!! It's Sunday; I have a HUGE trimester report due in the Peace Corps office by the end of the month...but I'd rather talk with you.
School's almost over...June 11 will be the last day before winter break. I know, I know, winter break in June seems strange to me too! Hopefully, I shall be able to come back to the U.S.A. In June or July to see Golfo. Everyone keep your prayers going for Jedd and Aud to find an inexpensive ticket.
The multiplication Bee was a huge success. I was so proud of all those who competed! The coveted prizes were passed around and shown to every student!

(this abuti was the grand winner of the Multiplication Bee. He's showing off his new ball)
I want to thank Aud and Fran, Jedd and Lauren, and of course, Bobbi for all the lovely donated items!!! The day turned out to be sunny and warm; we were able to compete outdoors and then spend the afternoon playing soccer (boys) and netball (girls). Mopeli won the Multiplication Bee and Renekeng girls won the netball match. Lepholisa didn't stay for the afternoon activities.

(boys having a soccer competition after the mult. bee)

The well in our compound has either broken or gone dry; we've been without water for two days now. Oh well, such is life in Lesotho...we all just keep singin', dancin' and smilin'!! Maybe we'll have some water tomorrow. I'm making this really short because I DO have to do my Peace Corps report today. I'm so glad to be back in touch! Enjoy the new pictures, Rusty

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