Monday, September 10, 2012

September 8, 2012

Spring has FINALLY come to Lesotho! We’re not quite in short sleeves yet, but the long underwear, double sock layers, scarves and gloves can be packed away for a while. Peach blossoms are dotting the countryside and young animals are being born wherever I travel! It’s wonderful! In two weeks I shall travel with some Peace Corps friends to Tanzania. Terry wants to try his luck climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro so his wife, Barbara, and I shall do some sight seeing and “safari-ing” during his climb. We’re all excited with the prospect of seeing Zanzibar and the ancient city of Stonetown. Sometimes the planning is just as exciting as the actual trip! After such a cold winter, I am confident that we’ll relish the heat of Tanzania! It seems strange that all of you have just enjoyed the Labor Day weekend and are settling down to fall activities while the summer is just beginning for us in Lesotho. Oh how I’m looking forward to the hot hot days of summer!

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  1. Da noi dopo una estate africana, è arrivati l'autunno, le giornate sono tiepidi e si respira!! buona giornata....ciao