Sunday, February 19, 2012

Friday, February 17, 2012

Here I am helping to re-thatch the roof of my home.

It's hard to believe I’ve been back in Lesotho for almost a month now!  Time does fly when one is happy and busy.  It’s still summertime here…actually, it’s a very warm autumn, and I am just relishing the sun and heat, trying to take in enough to sustain me during the cold winter months.

So much has happened since my last entry:

1 I have changed places in which I live; I now live in a lovely mokhora on the compound of Ntate and ‘M’e Monyane.  As of two days ago, electricity has been added!

2 Seventy-five percent of the project for electricity in Mopeli Government Primary School has been successfully funded, thanks to the incredible generosity of my friends in the U.S.A.  I have been trying to get your names so that you can be properly and individually thanked, but am having some trouble, so please accept this general thank you until I receive more specific information.

3 My third…and PROUDEST item…is Perry Grace de Lucia was born on January 10, 2012.  I am now grandma to three lovely children.

4 My young friend, Ausi Mathabo Nyamane, is still doing quite well in her second year of high school.  Last year she was the second in her class!

5 We are all working very hard to complete the electricity part of my Peace Corps project so that we can begin to build a decent road to the school.

6 Each day I am happier with the fact that I am working for the Peace Corps; it is a wonderful organization.  I am also more aware, each day, of the overwhelming amount of material wealth available to all Americans We are a very lucky country.

7 Tsoene Mathata has adjusted quite well to his new environs; he makes himself at home in the Monyane’s house and HAS NOT attacked any of their chickens!  He is in love with their cat, Little Kitty, and growing fat!Here are Tsoene and Little Kitty relaxing together (on MY pillow)!

8 The two additional classrooms at Lepholisa are almost completed; they now need floors and ceilings.  I was hoping they’d be ready for the new school year, but as I’ve told you before, things happen in their own time here in Lesotho.

9 Finally, my visit to Washington and California was wonderful!  I enjoyed being with my children and grandchildren and learned that I am ready to settle in a warm climate when I return to the U.S.A. 

This is a cart which passing by the back of my mokhoro.

Here some children are bringing a meal home for their 'M'e. 'M'e Mathabo has given them a bag of maize meal because they had no food.

This was when i was living in the back of the church; the rooster came out to eat some of Tsoene's food.
My new home is bigger than the last mokhoro, so there’s plenty of room for guests!  If you are up to a real adventure on an incredible continent, come visit!!!  I’d love to see you.  ‘Till next time, Rusty  

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