Friday, November 18, 2011

November 18, 2011: Road To Mopeli is On-Line!!

WOW!!! My Peace Corps Project was finally accepted in Washington. Please check out the following website for information and donations…every little bit will help, and THANK YOU in advance.

This link represents the first phase of the project; the electricity phase.
Due to the scope of the Road To Mopeli project, the Peace Corps is having us complete it in Phases. This first phase will pay for getting the electricity run to the existing school buildings of Mopeli Government Primary School.

Once we've completed this phase successfully, we will be able to move on to subsequent phases of the project, ultimately putting in the brick road which will facilitate the establishment of evening educational programs, AIDS/HIV education and prevention training and medical assistance for the ~12,000 residents of the ten surrounding villages.

The sooner we reach our fundraising goal for Phase One, the sooner we can complete the phase and move on to the next phase.

Thank you in advance for helping to support this project. Any donation you can make will help us reach our goal.


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