Sunday, October 30, 2011

October 28, 2011

October 28, 2011
This week I had the honor of hosting two Peace Corps trainees for a few days.  Despite the fact that they both had to share my bed while I slept on the floor, they had (I think) a good experience!
Both Peggy and Katey made themselves quite at home with my bucket bath, pit toilet, spotty electricity and outside water pump.  They’ve been here in Lesotho for a bit more than two weeks and amazed me with how much Sesotho they already speak and understand…they’ll go far!  It was great to find out that both of them are training in the very village where I originally trained, Hamabekenyane.   I think that one of the highlights of their visit was the fact that they loved the steamed Basotho bread that I made for them…yup, we all love to be praised sometimes.
The few days they stayed with me were actually very busy; we visited all three of my schools, where I introduced them to staff and children and had them participate in parts of school lessons.  The comments they made about the schools were interesting.  Katey, who will be working in only one primary school as an English teacher was most concerned with the fact that she might not like her only school.  I tried to reassure her that the experience would be what she made of it.  Peggy, who will be a resource teacher like me, at three schools,  didn’t seem that concerned with her future placement.  I guess she feels that one out of three good schools may be enough to keep her satisfied.
Besides simply shadowing me, we did have some other adventures:  we went to Peka to meet the post-mistress, we visited the local shopping places in Tabola, we rode the crazy taxi, we visited TY and used the internet café and we ate at the hotel in TY, where they insisted on buying my lunch.  They are now safe and sound back at their training families’ homes…and probably exhausted! Unfortunately, I was so busy trying to be a good hostess that I forgot to take pictures…sorry.   I hope that I’ll be able to attend their swearing-in ceremony some time in mid-December.


  1. Rusty, Millie Beall checking in with a "howdy". There is 6" of snow on my deck this am in Steamboat....hard for you to recall, I am sure at your temperatures.
    I went to a local products Fair yesterday at the Bud Werner Library. I was talking with Marda Frazier about Peace Corps and the 50th events (she is also an RPCV...from LONG ago). The woman I was buying soap from got all excited and we also began to talk. Her name is Joanne "the soap lady". I totally recognize her by face even though we needed to introduce ourselves. You are one of her most favorite people. Love this town!
    Just want to say again how proud I am of you for extending on behalf of your project. You are one tough cookie! Must admit that I was totally counting down at the end of my service.
    I am also going to Green Valley and staying with TRay for a visit in January. Know we will also be talking about you and your PC experience while I am there.
    Anxious to personally talk one day upon your return from "the toughest job you'll ever love"!