Saturday, July 2, 2011

May 3, 2011

Winter has set in early this year; people say it’s because of all the rain we had during the summer. Whatever the reasons, it’s COLD already!
Last week was a setback week for me at work. After all the work ‘M’e Mathabo and I had put into writing a U. S. Embassy self-help grant, we were turned down…not only were we turned down, but they didn’t even read our twenty plus pages of reasons, details, equipment quotes, etc. The embassy claims that it is the Lesotho government who should be responsible for putting electricity into their schools. Since they’ve only done so in some high schools, they might back off completely if they see that we’ll supply electricity through American grants. Of course I argued that when the other schools see that Mopeli has electricity, they’ll want it so badly that they’ll hound the Lesotho government to get them the same…. to no avail.
It was suggested that I rewrite the grant and ask for solar power on the school’s property. The grant deadline was April 30th. but they’ve given me an extension until May 20th for my revisions. I shall put in for solar power, but at the same time I’m writing a Partnership Grant with the Peace Corps for both electricity for the buildings and a tarred road to the school.

I’ll not give up; this town has no hospital, or Dr’s. office…not even a nurse; if we get electricity into Mopeli. We’ll be able to bring an extension of Peka’s St. Rose Clinic to our school!! So, if you haven’t yet let me know that you’d like to be a sponsor for my Partnership Grant, please do now! I’ll need your name, address, phone number and email address….probably all of you who are reading this have already signed on board! Thanks if you have, and please do if you haven’t. I think the more names I have as sponsors, the greater my chances will be for being accepted as a grant winner. I believe your names will be posted on a web site, but I don’t think you’re under ANY obligation to contribute any money.
That week’s over and a new one has begun with fun! Renekeng, my furthest school, has lost its village taxi due to the very poor condition of the road, so we’ve all been hoofing it back and forth to work!. (It’s about an hour and fifteen minute walk each way…through cornfields, etc.) Today two tractors passed by as four teachers and I were trudging through the cold mud. They offered us a lift and of course we said SURE!!! What fun we had bopping along back up to the tarred road! I tried to get some pictures while the tractors were moving, but every time I let go to snap a shot, I thought I’d fall off…sorry!
I’m sure that all of you will here from me as soon as I get this Partnership Grant up and running on a website. Until then, enjoy your warm weather!

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