Sunday, March 14, 2010

Down Time with Friends - 3/13/10

Had hoped to make it to Lesotho's brand new first movie theater while in Maseru for a Peace Corps briefing/training planning session this weekend. Unfortunately, we did not get there because the meeting ended by noon on Sunday and lots of the volunteers wanted to get back to their sites to finish work before applying for vacation time (Easter break). I got a ride to Peka from two of Kaye's friends. We all slept over at Kaye's place, drank wine, looked at the incredible night sky...we used my star chart from Jedd & Lauren! Then we played hearts; I won! So we had week (3/22) I'm in Maseru for a week for the final third of the training (which I just helped to plan). Then I hope to visit S.A. during the Easter break! I found a book on the table at the center which might be of interest to all of you: ROUGH GUIDE TO SOUTH AFRICA lESOTHO AND SWAZILAND

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